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Long Writing Projects

This page summarises my writing of significant length, i.e., long-term projects I am currently working on, with a completion and publication date not yet fixed. The work of a writer should be a journey of discovery and joy! Scroll down to discover some of mine!


An immortal demigoddess of Slavic legend, a reluctant antiquarian bookseller, and a Brotherhood of religious fanatics intent on killing them both. What could go wrong?

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Marcus Cruikshank slumped back in his ox-blood coloured leather Chesterfield captain's chair and scrutinised the glutinous globule of earwax he’d rolled together on the tip of the pinkie of his right hand. As Marcus ran the ball of his thumb over it, feeling its tackiness, he pondered over the medical name for this waxy oil — cerumen — and concluded it was a sterile description, devoid of any glamour or notability. To call it earwax was no more agreeable. However, the term ear bogey suggested something mischievous and would therefore do a treat. The ear bogey excavated only minutes before, he now contemplated exploring his left ear. But first, he needed to rid himself of his trophy, which remained attached to his finger with dogged determination. An act of flicking sprang to mind. The ill-timed ringing of the shop telephone interrupted his reverie.


(© J.P. Priestley, 2023)

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