Long Writing Projects

This page summarises my writing of significant length, i.e., long-term projects I am currently working on, with a completion and publication date not yet fixed. The work of a writer is a journey of discovery and joy! Scroll down to discover some of mine!


An immortal demigoddess of Slavic legend, a reluctant antiquarian bookseller, and a Brotherhood of religious fanatics intent on killing them both. What could go wrong?

A mockup book cover image showing a female character, including the author and book title


Dead weight. Such an apt expression, thought Baba Yaga the Slavic demigoddess, who knew that the average adult human head weighed about five kilograms, or just over eleven pounds—heavier than most newborn babies, who tend to enter the world at three-and-a-half kilograms, or just over seven-and-a-half pounds. It is a marvel the neck can support such a weight she pondered as she looked down at the severed head of a man in her hands, which stared back at her with a fixed expression of disbelief and horror. Its weight had not challenged her preconceived expectations as she lifted its bloody mass from the kitchen floor of her London penthouse apartment. ‘And to think the evening had started so well,’ she asserted to the head, which was in no position to express an opinion.

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